California Lawmakers: Too Dumb to Piss A Hole into The Snow

Being located pretty far away from crazy California’s lawmakers, I dare say that when getting the gist of the broadcast one German saying jumped to my mind: „Zu dumm, um ein Loch in den Schnee zu brunzen“ – too dumb to piss a hole into the snow.

It is about how a new law will economically kill off many, if not most freelancing Californian writers and journalists, and is already at it, as January is nigh and companies have – what else could they do? – started to restructure.

Of course, the coming law that is already ruining many, was designed to provide for better, more protected jobs.

That Californian firms could just take in freelancers from the rest of the US (besides on the ground reporting they can do everything a Californian can), no idea of that simple solution, the law is throwing a hard working portion of its own citizens under the bus.

I’d really like to test my English swearing skills on these nitwitty perverted crackpot lawmakers.

Better get the rest from Tim.

If I were American, had the possibility, I’d get the hell out of that shitty state. Many writers will certainly do so. Baltimore may still house more rats than San Francisco, but Frisco is certainly catching up, having piles of money for every kind of shit except for cleaning up human manure on its streets.

As Tim points out, it is really astonishing that almost noone stood up more timely against this cruel folly.

Well, freelance Californian writers, get going. Write about it. You will have more and more time for doing that. Provided You are not into selling Your hut, taking Your family elsewhere, keeping Your laptop closed on what got You there, for fear of loosing all opportunities nationwide for calling this out, if signed with Your true name. Or fearing that Your true name could be hunted down, if You had an anonymous go.


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Real Old White Men – Echte alte weiße Männer

That I must laud and recommend most highly both in English and in German.

Das muss ich auf Englisch wie auf Deutsch loben und wärmst emfpehlen.

Even if someone already knows a lot of Icke’s and Attwood’s views, he or she should by all means listen to that.

Selbst wo jemand schon viel von Ickes und Attwoods Sichtweisen kennt, sollte er oder sie das unbedingt hören.

Those are real old white men.

Das sind echte alte weiße Männer.


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Zuckerberg Is of The Dumbfuckedest

Some dumbfucks still stick around, Mr Zuckerberg. Even in some lousy governments, it seems.

You wanna go really privately coding? Are You kidding?

I am not in for one word. Be it Yours or of yon government quacks.

Oh, You got Mr Private? How nice to learn that. How easily believed.

As You openly said that all who believe You are dumbfucks, I am still not inclined to give this too small title of honour back to You, for You are of the dumbfuckedest.

No doubt about that.

How dare You imagine anyone sane could still believe You?



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Fat Is Beautiful – Minusdiversity Against Men


Fat IS beautiful, just look at the happy gorgeous ladies left and right and the ugly sad and bewildered one in the middle.

But, fat masses seem to be more beautiful when they are packed on women than when swelling around men.

This is one extremely scandalous obvious sexual discrimination. Why should those fine five or eight dozens of extra pounds look any worse on a man than a woman? Is it scientifically proven that massive fat above normal is healthier for women than men?

What about kids? Should boys equally be encouraged to eat like their female classmates whose parents already go and buy them ever bigger tents instead of skirts or pants?

I suspect a viciously planned and rolled out hate crime there.

What else could explain this minusdiversity?

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Climate Liars: Lunatics or Criminals?

This is one of Tony Heller’s best pieces. This time it is about the winters and the snow that should have been long gone if the climate alarmists had been right on anything at any time. They just ignore all their false prophecies and manufacture new ones. Those tricksters have been doing that for at least thirty years by now. Should we call them lunatics or outright criminals, as they are often paid with public money, deceiving the people on purpose, systematically fearmongering, inserting anxiety, even panic in children, for some special groups‘ goals?

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Sponge Bob Is an Evil Racist White Whitewasher

Tim thinks the absurd „woke“ (that means delirious) article he talks about is most probably a hoax. But he is not sure. It is, given our crazy times, indeed possible that it’s genuinely moronic.

Although it might be real and therewith could also cause rage and even anxiety (as it might be real it can), it certainly is fun and fodder for people with any rest of some good sense of humour, a marvellous and hilarious piece.

Tim has a good laugh on American academia while at the same time pointing out the growing and dangerous lunacy that has taken hold there.

To me the funniest word in it is „whitewashing“: We all know white is bad by now, so how could one still „whitewash“ anything?


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A Kind Invitation

Earnest people now face a new challenge and task.

The mighty want weirdos on the streets, they want us to surrender or go nuts ourselves.

Or to just become cynical, even indifferent.

I am looking for the right equilibrium. I won’t give up my wrath on the people so gently called „pedophiles“, their minions and befoulers of all true love. But also I won’t be willing to become becancered by worrying too much about all that rabble that is portrayed as our climate saviours even unearnedly given.

Some German-speaking colleagues now seem to be falling into one trap: They let themselves get carried too far away, into a field where I deem they can yet not win. Besides with satanism, they are too far dragged into symbols. But hey, how are you planning to win on a chessboard when some of your pieces are not even allowed to move?

We must stand up to the new reality, as absurd as it is. We must develop new strategies. We must do this now.

We will not have an easy time on that. But we must start. The net has made this an unprecedented age. We must be nimble, cunning, better in wording. Alert, vigilant, all panic is for the rest.

Sorry for all those „musts“. They are already pulled.

It is just a kind invitation.





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Outworked, Outsmarted, Outthought

I am in my dirty white fifties and have never seen such a clownery. Abominate absurdities from Melbourne through Ottawa and LA, Manchester unto Paris and Stockholm and Berlin.

Luckily, I am an optimist and fair cynicist, mainly the so called „West“ is thus infested. We are about to shut down everything, first ourselves up, the planet will have no problem, as anyhow, Asians are going to secure the survival of mankind. They mean that. They will work hard at that. They won’t let go.

I am pretty pretty sure that they see us as possibly irreversible decadent nitwits and crackpots by now, coolly analysing our behaviour. Just that: What halfway sane adult person would accept some freaky sick Greta as his or her guiding star?

And those cranks in Silicon Valley still believe they can crapcrack the heads of Chinese and Japanese and Koreans as they seemingly so successfully are about it and on the white peoples.

Anyhow, Asians know that we are not completely ousted and dumbfounded yet. Thus, it is their custom, they sit and wait and take their advantages as they come and can be easily taken. The game is not over. They may even reckon with a real „western“ revival. Some may even hold this as a good possibility for all.

Anyway, if it goes on as it goes now, Asians will outwork, outsmart, in the end even outthink us.




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