News of The Coronafrenzy

I have now – more or less spontaneously – decided to write more or less the same article I’ve just got out in German in an English version, just somewhat shorter.

The Roman philosopher Seneca once remarked, that many die from their fear of death. He meant single persons.

Now it seems to me that we may see the phenomenon on a mass scale.

How can we face a big crisis when everything is shut down? How can necessary daily goods be delivered when everybody has to stay at home for their schoolless kids or anyway?

Italy, of all places, without supplies of pasta?

They now argue that the spread of the virus cannot really be stopped, but that we could slow it down so that there be more time for the health care system.

Sounds logical at first glance, but I darn damn think it ain’t.

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Brilliant Weinstein Interview on The Epstein Case

Eric Weinstein wonders why the most obvious basic questions concerning the Epstein case aren’t asked.

Well, chaps like Shaun Attwood ask these questions, and other questions, the mainstream media though strangely do not. They have even talked themselves into the absurd notion that it was their bravery that brought Prince Andrew to his devastating interview.

Just got this in on the other, the predator Harvey Weinstein, now sentenced to 23 years in prison:

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Carl cannot hold his fits of laughter on this one.

Yes, these ARE dire and dreary straits, the LGBT-community and their supporters raging in irate savageness against real female women who want to keep their safe spaces and their own sports like rabies-ridden rabble.

Yet, it also IS hilarious. What can any sane person, besides shaking his or her head, or lamenting the sick state of society and infinite dumbness and lowlife virtue signalling and cowardice and distortion of discourse do but laugh?

Yes, biological men CAN menstruate. Anyone who doubts this IS a transphobe.

What’s next? Well, of course a transman (biological female) CAN produce viable sperm and impregnate women, be they cis or trans. Whosoever doubteth this faculty IS a transphobe as well.

At some point though, the end of this absurd charade may already be nigh, this will grind to a halt.

This time though, real females, real males are hardly in a position to help you out. Agaist this lunatic mob ye shall have to help yourselves.

Addendum 9th

Here Sargon keeps going:


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Tim Pool and Joe Rogan: Are You Infants Too?

Now, Tim, when are You finally gonna wake up and behold that it’s all a lie?

You see all those crazies and cranks and fearmongers and what they are doing to children and still don’t get the idea that they could have fooled You with their „climate science“?

How naive are You?

The same goes for Joe Rogan who believes it all (just not that the end is as nigh as Greta and Ocasio-Cortez cry out all the time).

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