Some More of The Sore

As for some more starters, Germans tend to see themselves and make others see them righteously as stupider than all peoples on the planet. But not in all respects.

Even we retain some logic, then, that all these our idiots inexplicably still produce stuff that is preferable to that manufactured by all those enlightened peoples makes us shiver and shakes us.

Indeed we have no idea, seeing our compatriots trodding to their workplace, mostly humourless drunks, sullen, these ants, how do they do that?

Even Nietzsche, who had only sparse time for us, had a hard time on this question.

Lowlife cowards everywhere, stinking boards of authority, manners of cavemen, no refined culture or cultural life, hardly ever seen man in leisurely laughter, all ugly women with unwashed blond sticky hair, apalling food, gross habits in every way of life.

O yes, we know it. If our aforeswine ever had something that could be called literature, that is all washed away. Same for music, arts and crafts.

We all only live here still because we are so used to our pigsty.

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One Dumb German Undone

Once there was one curse on one dumb small German haberdasher, that for selling his petty stuff he must, as a warning against it, clearly brand it all „Made in Germany“.

Astonishingly, he sold ever more of his crap therewith, and when his store got all too big it was smashed by those and the allies of those who had in wilful guile stamped on him the seemingly derogative label.

But that was long ago.

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