Corona Lies Along Joe Rogan, Tarl Warwick, Tim Pool

Three of my ere favorites of independent US-broadcasters have now, along the Corona Lies, sunken real low in my esteem: Joe Rogan, Tarl Warwick, and Tim Pool.

Never, as yet I know, have they called out what was really put up. By whom, what for: They are now just eating up the crumbs that fell off the table.

Probably I just overestimated them. They sure must have all the clues. But maybe they are too brainwashed themselves or somehow fixed in or just too craven to speak out.

Critizising and questioning this and that and ayond and still going on like petty bought out chickens.

I know not if they be that ignorant.

I doubt it.

To me they have hard lost track.

Or even worse.

One could then argue that they are just dumb and that I was bigtime dumb not to have seen it.

That I take on me.


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The(y) WHO must not be named

Google has made it clear that the WHO must not be named, be it not in uttermost praise.

Of course many afore common words have already become critical along the last two or more years, some may use them, others not.

The WHO now has such special protection – against viral videos and the like – as has probably been never been granted to a comparable organisation. They must feel very endangered there, otherwise Google would see no reason for these unprecedented measures. What or who(m) are they so afraid of in their temples of unsane malice?

I guess they have gone fuckin‘ paranoid that their WHOle brothel of corrupt quacks, pharmaceutical criminals, vaccination fanatics, fake philantropist financiers, high treason committing politicians, front NGOs, bootlicking scientists and journalists and other lists of racketeers, hoodlums, gangsters in the FBI, CIA, MI6 and other benevolent branches, that it all could break under the strain and be broke and be broken up completely.

I would be that paranoid, even if I had only loosely been working with them or praised them just once in the past. Who knows how far it goes when such bodies are taken apart.

Too much has come to the fore, more and more questions are being asked by the day, thus it is very understandable that Google wants to deter and shut down relevations and communication on them WHO as best it can.

If it was intelligent though (here seen from the perspective of the firm Google, then its client WHO must not be named) to go by that strategy may be seen pretty soon. Google has compromised the company heavily, they WHO must not be named became even more something of a giant monster that must be mostly hidden and extra well fed, to make it even more dire and dangerous, at least in many therewith even the more alarmed, the eyes and overall perception and analysis of millions.

Maybe Google was forced. Yes, they are part of the globalists, but they know damn well that one of their legs or tentacles ist at least some rudimentary credibility. Who knows what Trump will do if he again be elected against Google’s machinations and obvious will?

And they know damn well that their silencing of voices has already made more and more people angry, that they have possibly made it to the Holy Grail of the most hated private company on the planet, or are close to getting there, leaving the rest easily behind.

Of course, the band of conspiring supergangsters that make up them WHO must not be named, they are not going for small game through the name. And they are the ones that can ensure that Google be given even more data and therewith more power. Indirectly, simply through governmental measures, as we are seeing them being already ordered, installed, demanded, lauded, tracking apps and the like, proclaimed as necessary for saving the people from the Zombie-Apokalypse.

I say, a firm that works like Google there gives clear proof of itself that it begs to be put in the trash can or dustbin the sooner the better.


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Germany: The Tribes Shall Raise Again

There has been very little by me here recently, for which I should apologize.

In Germany, we have more or less legal demonstrations against the corona restrictions even in towns of 20 000 by now, the Alexanderplatz in Berlin was just spontaneously taken by the crowd on Saturday.

The crowd just started moving, and many commuters and accidental people at this traffic hub just looked at things and stayed. The vast square was not densely crowded, but it was crowded.

In Berlin, with much more people in Stuttgart, but just in one place for some time, the squads from all sides started wandering hither and thither, the police forefollowing by their busses first to where they were set to get in motion.

I already pointed this out in German, the Berlin populace, used to quite some chaos and anarchy, should have understood the lesson of last Saturday. Either surround small squads of cops follow and chase them or go where they are not yet firmly posted. Where they have no prepared steel barriers, as they had them threefold even in sidestreets leading to the official „event“.

The Berlin police, if they have not only morons there, should have understood after this, that thousands of citizens could suddenly migrate to any symbolic spot, take the „Alex“, then move over to the Reichstag and the Kanzleramt, leaving forces behind on the Museumsinsel, hailing beer out of the „Spätis“ (small sellers of beer and snacks that are very cheep and sell at any time), having a party, bars still closed, in the streets, which is not unnknown in the Teutonic capital anyway, till dawn sets in at some other spot.

Many Berliners don’t work much even without Corona, now there are many more who lost their work through it, maybe not finally, but it already financially hurts. Even those living off the state, the rest, without sheer necessity, fear they might have less soon if this goes on. Even vile suckers like dirty pimps are afraid.

Many very brave women. I feel really good about that. Mote it grow, the „Berliner Schnauze“ (the sometimes harshly direct snoot of the Berliners), save us first, mote it help save the planet!

In the southern seemingly more primitive parts of our still partly tribal country we have „a Gosch“ or „a Gosch’n“, and at least we take pride in our imagination, our women had more of that than them of the Prussians.

Thus, as the Bavarians, again more for beer than action, have yet another time been overtaken by the Swabians, them even laughing in numbers about the Dwarfprussians at the capital, there sure will be retaliation. Noone knows, how long the Saxons will be waiting.

The now leading tribe will never be forgotten for that kind of leadership. It will be forever in the book of the Great German Tribes.

It might be two tribes, three, or it might not even be first driven by one heroic tribe.

Anyway: Now, noone might see or say this yet, every tribe seeks already, even only instinctively, unknowingly, hopingly not to have been the dumbest, stubbornest, nitwittest tribe of all in the end.

As far as I know my countrymen, it has by now become a question of tribal honor, pride, and dignity, to not stand at least as the other tribes, even with cities, for a Hamburger to be less tough than a Stuttgarter, that is, exceptions granted, nearly unimaginable.

At the moment, the Swabians and the Prussians (Stuttgart and Berlin) have taken the lead, I bet there are some very grumpy people in Munich (Bavarians) that can’t take that at all. Those dummies though, they sacked even the Oktoberfest, some called them „dumbfucks“ or „scumbags“ or worse for that.

„Nay! No! Never! No goddam‘ Franconian will be the first in fighting for Freedom, as I am a Saxon! He may well follow suit, be as my brother at my side!“

Such as above cited is heard in many shires, in small towns and hamlets, in the remotest places.

The tribes shall raise again.





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Snitches Face Hitches

Corona-Snitches on neighbors and shops expected to stay anonymous in Saint Louis. Albeit that they all were informed that their personal data would be legally published as soon as anymone required them from the county. Now they are whining. Tim also shows some polls on the snitching behavior of Democrats versus Republicans, urban versus suburban and rural people, women versus men. Not surprising the outcome, interesting nevertheless.

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Joe Biden Is Ever Faster Falling Apart

„Nice“ little clip of Joe Rogan’s recent show. I know not if the new allegations of sexual assault against Biden are true. But he is definitely a creep and visibly and audibly falling mentally apart by the hour.

To have such a demented wreck as president of the US would be nightmarish.

Rogan, who reckons himself being pretty far left, is wholly fed up with the double standards of „liberals“. And he has clear words on that.

Definitely worth watching.

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