Wer angesichts der diktatorischen Corona-„Maßnahmen“ und des weltweiten „Great Resets“ jetzt Vergleiche zu Deutschland 1933 zieht, der ist entweder ziemlich naiv oder ein Provokateur.

Zu diesem Beitrag werde ich hier erstmals keine Kommentare freischalten.

Whoever beholding the dictatorial Corona-„measures“ now uses comparisons to Germany 1933 is either very naive or a provocateur.

On this article it is the first time here that I shall not publish any comments.


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Tarl Warwick on Cryptocurrencies – My „Dumbfuck“ Rants thereafter

I like this guy. His Trump, his Currency is Clear Sober Thinking and Straight Speech.

(I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies at all. I do not trust the concept, the waste of time and energy for „mining“ something that may vanish overnight makes me betting and relying more on a pair of good boots than such a tale that on top of that invites fraud hithertoaforeunbeknownst. Who in his right mind trusts computers and the hacks that are all over these highly unreliable machines? Who even trusts them when they are put into a chain? And who, as Tarl clearly points it out, still trusts governments?

I would not be surprised at all if secret „services“ and other secret societies were behind all this. Lure the dumb people into a belief of freedom and independence, then fuck them up. Same procedure as every year?

Of course, I might be the „dumbfuck“ (nicely coined word by Mark Zuckerberg on all those who believe him), being so behind times and modern tech that I cannot grasp the grandiosity of what is now freely offered to every Jane and John Doe.)

Addendum: Even the statistics I get here concerning my site are obviously false or at least not complete. I have no idea how much that may have cost me, as others will presumably have been fed that or even some worse data. I have no way to change this. Most people won’t even believe me that it is thus the case. I don’t even know if this comes about through readers that veil their reading, or if it is some manipulation or mere malfunction of the program. Holy shit! How could I then believe in electronic currencies, pumped up by giant coal mining and burning this real stuff in Mongolia? Ye want me nuts?

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Trump wins one way or the other

Trump will even win if he has officially lost.

For the „Democrats“ will in this case never be able to erase their utmost criminal machinations that first brought Gaga-Biden and then probably soon the really desired puppet Harris to power from memory.

German original:

Trump wird selbst dann siegen, wenn er offiziell verloren hat.

Denn die „Demokraten“ werden desfalls ihre schwerstkriminellen Machenschaften, die zuerst Gaga-Biden, dann wohl bald die eigentlich gewünschte Puppe Harris an die Macht brachten, niemals in Vergessenheit bringen können.

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Say NAY to Biden – Derisible Dumb „Liberals“ Already in Remorse

In the video above Tarl explains why Joe Biden should – even his dementia and corruptedness and warmongering put aside – never become President. Remarkable.

In this other video Tarl derides those „liberal“ dumbasses that are already feeling remorse for having voted for Biden because of his renewed announcement of a three month Corona lockdown: which was, as Tarl clearly points out, the only major political issue on which Biden has always had one clearly repeated audible stand.

If it were not for the fate of the US and therewith large parts of the world or even the world altogether this could be counted as utterly hilarious.

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Tarl on QAnon-Bullshit-Ban, Big Tech, Words Like „Nazi“, „Hateful“, „Bigot“, „Sexist“, „Racist“… Becoming Meaningless

Deep State Tarl simply laughs about the QAnon-Circus, taking it apart gaily, calling it a LARP. 

He then goes on taking down people who use words like „bigot“, „hateful“ or „Nazi“ against anyone or anything they detest, thus making them meaningless. Fine go.

Of course, he also takes down Facebook and Instagram, clearly not only for banning all QAnon-related content, but also for data mining, child labor, interfering in elections, China connections, overall censorship, the usual menu.

Now, Tarl will by die hard cultist QAnonists be seen either as a low life idiot or an insidious tool of the Deep State itself. I guess he has anticipated that and will be giggling heartily when such expected reactions in their manyfold weird forms come in.

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