Tim Pool and Joe Rogan: Are You Infants Too?

Now, Tim, when are You finally gonna wake up and behold that it’s all a lie?

You see all those crazies and cranks and fearmongers and what they are doing to children and still don’t get the idea that they could have fooled You with their „climate science“?

How naive are You?

The same goes for Joe Rogan who believes it all (just not that the end is as nigh as Greta and Ocasio-Cortez cry out all the time).

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„Wokeness is over!“

Tarl at his best. Go, go, fro, demented Biden! Yea!

Maybe Tarl will even listen and talk to me, just for the fun of taking on some forlorn fuckin‘ ol‘ European decadent dude.

Yea, Tarl, if You can make it down here to Franconia, in the Netherlands You already frequently are, it’s just like a drive from Vermont to fuckin‘ Pennsylvania.

And, as a sworn-in Vermonter, You’ll not be afraid of some petty German cold.

I’ve got some wood left to get our debating space above zero centigrades. I have coffee enough, let me gobble up the wine, this is a serious invitation.

Anyways, keep going!

Wokeness is though not yet over. But it seems to be dying. What a liberation to come! A big pile of rotten, fallen signposts tell me that. Be it right that You be right!

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Tim Pool going strong

Tim Pool at his best. The guy is getting ever more „woke“ in the good sense of the word. Really worth watching.

Even he is under immense pressure by YouTube by now. Why? He is caring and sensible and antiwar. That is enough for those creepy techfucks in their perverted Californian shithole.

I’m waiting on the day when he discovers the climate fraud. He ain’t afraid now. He stands his ground. Mote he not be afraid then.

One day he shall find out that he is a classical liberal. He is not far away from that. Or something close to that.

Thank You Tim, thanks even themore to Tucker Carlson.

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