Worldvaxhero needed

There ain’t no way around it. A Worldvaxhero is definitely and urgently needed.

Someone who prudently, in full knowledge of all the new uncalculable mutations and generally dubious longevity of protection of all offered vaccines, takes them all in at least twice, within four weeks.

He then walks about bright and sharp, showing off his swell body, saying, yes, cranberries and some other superfoods always come in handy, and, of course, vegan sex is best, as I could boostedly experience during these amazingly uplifting weeks.

„It’s, you know, the first shot you feel a bit. Get a bit dizzy, the arm a bit numb. But already with the second shot things start to lighten up. With the third you really get goin‘. It’s the greatest thing you can do. Maybe I’ll calm down a bit, but I wanna do this all my life.“

Thus, and only thus, of course national and regional Vaxheroes are also needed, can we thrive.


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