2 Antworten auf „Section 230: Data Pirates Be Warned!“

  1. @ Magnus

    Do you now about the power of the figure 23 ? Made some PR on Fb for you and called you Magnus „Renegade“ Wolf Göller. „Hope I have not treten on your Schlips, ol‘ companion“.

    That strong hemp I get from the Krankenkasse is making me even more foolish than I already are…

    1. @ Erika

      You mean 23 the paragraph of German Basic Law, the one that abolished even the rest of our occupied republic?

      Or 23 in its biblical, profane numerological, or runic senses?

      Or that it is the tenth prime (if 1 is counted as a prime)? Or the first non-twin prime, after 5-7, 11-13, and 17-19?

      Or is it this, significant for football and the probability of two people being born on the same day of the year? – :


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