„Q“ and His Quest

Well, the letter itself is pronounced „kju“, not „kw“, always comes with a „u“, which doesn’t make it a single consonant in English usage. Sometimes, as in „cheque“, it still needs the „u“, but in pronunciation equals a „k“ alone, or, as in „call“, a „c“.

So it seems these people, albeit that their song really sounds fantastic, and is of some as outstanding as excellent artistic composition, have as yet not understood much of the Great Q.

What are they letterwise doing to children? Is this proof of a real conspiracy, alien intrusion, or, though obviously highly organized,  just clearly innocent illiteracy, humbly hammered into toddlers‘ ears?

(The song is said to be of 2010. I ain’t believin‘ ‚em opaque quirky quacks one quark.)


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