„Q“ and His Quest (II)

I’ve just had Q on the phone. Straight about my first article on his letter song. His identification was flawless. Without doubt it was him.

„Magnus, please do not unmask such productions of sheepshit all too much before it is set time.“

„You want me to refrain from talking about your grandeur and, opposedly, peddlers of such crap against you and your letter? What time is set?“

„Just wait. I will tell you before Trump does, in person. Everything is going according to plan.“

„Oh, right ho, I’ll try to keep myself in check as best I can.“

„Do that.“

And then he hung up. Probably he has a whole lot to do.

Then, maybe he saw himself and his quest together with the letter, which is undisputably his name, sort of like in one kettle mixed in with the quacks and therewith also mocked by my unrespectful words.

I’m gonna have to be careful.


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