Tarl Warwick on Ghislaine Maxwell’s Future

Tarl predicts that Ghislaine Maxwell is bound to be killed more or less openly. If not, a few petty guys will be given away and tried, stuff of the big boys like Bill Clinton or Kevin Spacey though will never reach the public. He sees those hoping for big relevations as pretty naive.

Furthermore, he thinks that Maxwell might be killed more for demonstational reasons than out of fear of her speaking out.

Unfortunately, the way he builds up his case is very logical. Thus it will very probably go pretty much the way he describes it. Fortunately Tarl tries to keep all belief and hope out of his political und social analyses and predictions. That, combined with his wide intellectual and conceptual understanding, sharp independent thinking, historical knowledge, clear language and sense of humor, has led to his success. That, and that he constantly ridicules and takes down corporate media, anyone, BLM or Antifa, Bidenites as well as craven Republicans, the NRA, You name it.

Yes, to me he is the outstanding American political analyst.

Then, listen to his words on what will happen in the Maxwell case. Especially, as he tells the general story, Maxwell sort of being just a showcase of what is going on generally, as yet all the time, everywheres.

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  1. @ Magnus

    Oh thank you. It’s becoming an interesting soap opera…

    I was wondering, how she could be so stupid to stay in the USA (Or to return from Tel Aviv). What we will get now, is some kind of modern „Warren Report meets Murdoch’s Yellow Press“. And yes, she had a relationship with Tricky Bill. They could only meet on Orgy Island because Hillary was so jealous. She flew several times to Orgy Island just to ask the gardener and other servants there, if her husband William Clinton Esq. had something going on with „that british bitch“ Ghislaine (pronounced Zees-lane) Maxwell. She liked to call her „that coffee nympho coke hind“…

    1. @ Erika

      Yeah, why should she stay in the US or go back there?
      Besides, what really makes me wonder is that she has only been charged with crimes from the nineties, NOTHING, as far as I could pick it up, surrounding the Epstein-„conviction“ in 2008 or even thereafter, as their „business“ was still in full swing.
      Now, if she had an affair with old booze-snoot Tricky Bill (which is quite imaginable, he would certainly have been a trophy for her, she for him), with the old war hag not at all amused, that would make for some extra delicacy. Randy Prince Andy even managed to have real pictures of her sitting on the Queen’s throne. She was there as a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Maybe she also fucked Kevin Spacey, Space and Transhumanism Fertile Elon Musk, World Saviour Bill Gates, even Alan Dershovitz, and others of our artistic, technical, scientific most law abiding societal heros.

      Of course, she could in the end face more charges, of more recent crimes. It could be a strategy of the prosecutors to keep some powder dry.

      Did she choose that New Hampshire mansion so that she could conveniently fly to the New York courthouse, be back at her cosy fireplace in the evenings?

      She being so trained and so intelligent a seducer and liar, so successful in all that, even getting to prince Andrew and the Queen’s throne, former heads of states and the likes, it is not beyond imagination that some megalomania took hold of her. Maybe her laywers will have a go by showing that she was mentally ill; her bursting out in tears, bubbling and babbling in frenzies, having a (real or unreal, she can do that) nervous breakdown, shaking, doing complete collapse.
      Thereafter she starts recalling being abused herself as a child (by a bunch of now dead old white men), never having realized that she did bad things, being a victim of a society that is all driven by male power and insatiable male sexual desire, of which she had been made a slave. Oh so innocent, so much victim herself that only compulsary treatment in an open gate mental institution, maybe for a year or two, should be her still dire „sentence“.

      I can only take this charade, this farce, this soap opera, although AND because ghastly abysmal it is, with some sarcasm, satire, even sheer ridicule. At times just expecting more balloons in all sizes and rainbow colors going up, the core of the story being all too real. I have decided to watch all the rest of the public show, to go on throwing my darts at it.

      Let’s see what comes up next. The show ain’t over.

      Finally, dear Erika, thank You for Your thoughts and hints. I should not be far from discussing recent relevations and developments, be they true or not (maybe taking in original passages from here), in fresh both English and German articles.

      In a way, this is one of the greatest if not the greatest „celebrity shows“ I have ever beheld. Even real to a stunning degree.



  2. @ Magnus

    I was a bit busy the last days and in the evenings the medical hemp it sometimes too strong, to proper understand you very well English.

    That would be funny, if they would charge Maxwell only with old stuff, which is probably time-barred. The foto with her and (gay) Spacey on the throne must probably make the old Buckinham witch and her cynic greek husband pretty mad. (I do not think, that Spacey had something with her. But nearly all homosexuals have a female girlfriend, I’ve heard)

    I lost the link in which I could read, that Zisslaine Maxwellovic (little joke, just forgot Maxwell’s bohemian name) is not in jail, because she got Covid-19, they say.

    Here I must read, how the notorious lying „Winkeladvokat“ Alan Dershowitz seems to be winning again.

    Too many worries by mighty rich men and women together with the Mo**ad, the FBI, CIA etc etc (just name it) about the whole scandal. So they will play every trick in the book and in the end, things will be as obvious as in the case JFK, but if you talk about it, you’re a conspiracy nut.

    And now I have to read this; https://www.newsweek.com/jeffrey-epstein-statue-erected-albuquerque-city-hall-art-collective-1514891

    I will write later more on the other aspects your post. Right now, I do not want to vomit, and I think I will, if I think too much about those rich perverts.

    Have a photo-collage of all the rich and famous, who were on Orgy Island. You would not believe it, just can remember Bill Gates right now, there are about 50 persons on that photo-collage. (Have too look at it again…)

    Thank you for your kind words, dear Magnus and a Schönen Sonntag to you

    Gehab Dich well

    LG Erika

    1. @ Erika

      Nice hear. Nobody in the US seems to be asking why (besides perjury) cases beyond the nineties are not part of the published accusations, not even those that point at complicit Deutsche Bank. Still close to nothing about the entrails of and leads from the two islands. It’s like there was a series of wild pervert orgies, and there were never cleaners or even security personnel, no boatsmen, no pilots, no chauffeurs, no chefs de cuisine, no purveyors of building materials, electricians, gardeners, technicians of all kinds for the setup? Randy Andy or Slick Willie cleaning the floors and washing what was used afterwards themselves? Being able to work a surveillance system, fend off all dangers without trained and well equipped personnel, as their pricks penetrate all armour at the rate of beyond Google, with infinite accuracy, beyond the speed of light?
      In a case like this, I would have a very good deal of my field men swarm out for all the underlings that made things technically functioning. There must have been hundreds over the course of time. Yes, they will all know that they are under constant death threats of the cabal they served and possibly still do, that their families are threatened, all of the program; and they will not easily trust witness protection.
      Along that path, things might first only trickle through little by little, the interrogations though will certainly make people nervous, as not every stolen file can be passed on to everyone potentially involved. Thus it would be imperative for me to round up the lower classes of the racket. Not to have done this, as we have seen so far, should that be excused as a merely minor, understandable, not really noteworthy negligence?
      How were they paid? Did they pay their due taxes? What weapons were part of your equipmant there, Sir? How did you get your contract? How were you housed? We want every detail, Sir, please?
      These people were well checked and paid (not all of them trained intelligence officers, presumably), some of the male guards fucked some of the female cleaners and waitresses, so they, as the household so to say, should have known quite something of the habits of their masters. Good informants might go free once and for all, whilst the rest has to fear death or a ten year sentence for actively facilitating sex crimes performed on children in at least more than three cases (I do not know how this would be mounted officially according to U.S. Law, but I strongly ween being close), which might soften the whole bunch up.

      Nothing has ever been done right on this case.

      1. @ Erika

        It is world theatre that goes even beyond Shakespeare’s plays. Not in any kind of deeper thought or expression, but for truly global scale. And it is even real.
        There isn’t even information that I as yet heard of where Ghislaine Maxwell stayed before she set up shop in yon newly bought mansion in New Hampshire, questions concerning that angle of the story also only very scarcely being asked. Who housed her? In such a situation especially, why? Are these all too natural questions beyond the investigating mental capacities of all prosecutors, all journalists there well with them?
        Why is the Harvard connection with Bill Gates all off the radar? The whole Silicon Valley and transhumanist crowd, including Elon Musk?
        So much game everywheres, so much fame and money to be made, and so few real questions?
        And that, as it is fundamentally for protecting one’s own children, the law of the land, the nation, all mankind from the worst of murderous thugs?
        How is that so?
        Are we Americans such a slave caste that must take all that from such a breed of masters?
        At least weapon sales are way up. Six million purchased in three months. Which, of course, has not in any way directly to do with Ghisliane Maxwell’s trial, but with the other „social forces“ that are stoked by Epsteins old Silicon Friends of The Shitty Valley, as seen in major US cities.
        I slightly digressed.
        They know that this has already gotten close anyway, I have over the last years repeatedly told German secret services to get their necks out of anything connected with the child trafficking business as soon as possible, for me for the sake of the fatherland, for them for the sake of their own asses. They didn’t say much on that. But they arrested me neither.
        I sincerely reckon that a big part of members of American secret service and mililtary personnel is fed up with the game, as well as police officers, lawyers, even attorneys and judges. Even if they be just afraid that things might swing.
        For now, I’m going to have one more sip of whine, but only after reading this late post at least once more, lest it contain too many irregularities.

        1. @ Erika & Anyone

          Hell, fuck! Who are we supposed to bend the knee to! Mind cooks? Child selling crooks? Canceling all our feelings, trading in our spines and minds?
          This abysmal rabble, kidnapping, raping and killing our children, is untouchable? Hell, fuck!
          Hell, fuck!
          And we bend the knee to such pervert psychopath cowards, the worst of society to be imagined?
          Hell, fuck!
          Well, that was sort of American thoughts. As a German citizen I am subject to BRD, which is occupied by the US, thus I am an American subject of limited possibilities in pursuing legal cases both in Germany and in the US. Therefore, as a friend of the American people, I can only provide some looks from the outside, deliver a bit of my imaginations what it were and what action I might consider to take if I were a free American.
          If I were Christian, my prayers would be with You to go through all direst straits until the saving end. I would do that to any religion and prayer if I adhered to religion and prayer. I encourage all good religious feelings and all good hearted prayers for this good cause. Mote they lead to clear words first, and then to due action. The Epsteins and Maxwells and their Princes and Moguls will not be prayed away. Their churches have to be sacked.
          And their clerics, their assets, the whole lot. That is what we are here talking about.

          Myself, I am partly ashamed.

          I had to shut some of my clearest cut words and conjectures sort of cravenly out now, just to not unrange the fake calm of the other side too much too soon.

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