Patreon has all but fully fucked itself – Hi Shitty Valley!

Hi Facebook, hi YouTube, hi Twitter, hi to the rest of the pack!

I do know that You are dead afraid of a possible Trump reelection.

You did everything to take him out. Your contracts are crap, You have violated and abused every sense of even the standing section 230. Just using the old one duly to take You before court could be the end of Your machinations. Clearly adapted to these modern times, You will stand no chance of furthermore ignoring the First Amendment and via censorship and criminally deceiving data manipulation setting Your political agenda as seemingly neutral „platforms“.

By now, everyone with a brain knows more or less what You do. Millions are awaiting the day when the legal axe will (if there not even be litigations for past deeds) make You all decide if You want to be a publisher (which You have long come to be) or a platform (which You have long come not to be anymore).

You damn well know what this means. As publishers, You will simply go under because of legal liabilities. As real platforms You will loose most of Your political and manipulative clout.

Patreon already starts tasting the downside of its archdumb legalistic, seemingly woke-immune megalomania; maybe at least the major law firm that led them on this path will righteously be washed away along with their bankrupt client.

Thus, You still behave like the big kickasses, but with sleepless nights. Who knows what lawsuit comes out of the blue right before the elections? Who knows what Trump might do ere come November? Maybe just telling the American people in clear words and along proven statistics how You, as „platforms“, most dirtily engage in denigrating him, putting lies about him up front, holding the truth back, supressing facts, to grossly manipulate the general public?

I am very sure that Trump has all prepared.

The only reason he hasn’t sacked You already is that he knows this would have perversely put against him as a suppression of free enterprise and even free speech at that. By exactly those that punish companies for trying to keep up free speech and purge creators from their „platforms“ for single-handedly deciding that they engaged in „hate speech“. („Hate speech“ against Trump of course does not, never, ever, nowheres, not even ayond the Seven Mountains, exist.)

Enough now, boys and girls and whatnots of Shitty Valley.

With the Patreon case I’m starting to smell victory.


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