Get Woke, Go Broke: Almost Episode Number Google

This is funny, hilarious, one of the best woke jokes of recent times.

Here, it is about a TV company that has humbly chosen the philantropist way of ruining itself before it could be burned down to the ground by beloved Antifa and BLM saviours. „Cancel Culture“ at its best. They didn’t cancel a Lauren Southern or a Stefan Molyneux or a Carl Benjamin or a Jordan Peterson: Those selfless caring geniuses – right ho! –  just canceled themselves.

Of course, the parent company can take a few hundred million dollars in losses; to them it is all an investment to get Trump out of office. They’re all willing to take massive losses now (Facebook, Google, everybody in Darth Vader Valley) to get the devil in the White House down and done.

Maybe this will work and Biden (or his buddies rolling the halfwit around) will give them everything. We shall see come November.

If it doesn’t work though, they may well be losing not a few hundred million but some juicy hundred billion dollars.

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