German is busted. Now English fully works.

Make no mistake. Every word here is a decoy.

That is because I am German. Not even learning English very seriously for quite some time nonetheless taught me talking without my old beloved German decoys.

Almost noone really understands German. Thus it always was a walk in the park against us, as we mainly shot each other, WWI and WII are proof.

Now, German is so fucked up that almost nobody understands anything anymore from noone. Beer, bladder, babble and bubbles, that’s all that’s left.

The whole language is all but completely done for. All the nothing of this remnant soon down the drain.

It is only and just now the then that English is liberated for its full role. Anyone, even the new Chinese Emperor, can use it without restraint or even fear. Noone shall ever be misinterpreteted again. English is completely degermanized.

And, on top of that, noone ain’t speakin‘ or even understandin‘ German no more.



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