Body Positivity: Stay Happily Safe, Bro!

70% fat posing to be fucked on the front pages of lifestyle magazines! Go out and stick yer pricks into their bulgy rears! Incredible overlaps of real skin and all that natural fat that you can now give a holy fuck!

You might well be reinventing fucking itself. Fucking through all these mats thou mightest make them holy. Yer dick will want these cosy places forever to be everywheres on any good fuckable woman to be found.

But, real new fuckers, I warn ye, there is a caveat.

Do not get all too body positive yerselves, as ye then might not get to sensible points of a therefore worthy woman anymore. Even 60 pounds of own body positivity may already impede your potentialities a bit, really worrisome it gets at 100 or 150.

This is certainly not fair, but physics aren’t. Physics set even a limit to body positivity, be there even special cranes used.

Besides, unfortunately, with all your good efforts, it is not advisable that you mass up a usual fifth more live weight than the women you choose to fondly caress, as your heart might soon deliver a strike, your horse not ride under your incredibly inflated buttocks anymore. You might by that time be having trouble loading them on the back of yer truck even with a jack. And thereafter steering the wheel more or less merely by your belly’s compression on it.

Just keep an eye on that and stay happily safe, bro.


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