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Just let those loonies eat their own crap.

The new republic has probably not been able to set up a Berlin Wall around itself to secure that noone flee the new nation. Thus there is no need to go in there with force to save people held as hostages. Or demand or pay for their extradition, just for any kind of negotiation of that sort.

Even if the benevolent Seattle mayor still sends in the trash trucks and of course delivers water and electricity (not to be paid for) to the Autonomous Zone, the remaining mixture of political radicals, crackpots and fast organizing criminals is a strangely beholdable setup and upheld social experiment that will probably cost more lives.

Probably even the rats are not all that happy there, rats prefer wholesome food to anything that is vegan, I can tell You that. Maybe that and the mayor’s trash trucks help in that some diseases be not spread by that lot.

The whole place will already be quite shitty and unkept though, and that’s, besides mice and rats, a breeding ground for ants, flies and cockroaches: OK, these populations are yet only at their start, they are prone to see lesser days, as the republic should have a livespan that mote not give them time to fully flourish.

At this point, I think that there is no mentally sane intelligent individual left in the zone, be he not a very cunning criminal or agent of some sort, or both at the same time. Things are heating up. Charges may come. Even by the feds. Thus stakes are high, no matter how much the thing was lauded by so many politicians and media outlets in the first place. They have already stealthily changed their republic’s name, not to by tried for insurrection. Which at least is, yea, I have to admit that, a sign of some growing understanding, maybe less with the peabrains of the inhabitants but of their anti-Trump sponsors. Those ain’t all dumb. They don’t fuckin‘ care about blacks and antifa and the rest as such, those are just pawns in their game.

And these fine people’s analysts of course have as yet not found a solution, how the coming selfdissolution and disillusion could be forged into a weapon against Trump, defined as a victory for all Democrats in the country.

As of now – Trump is not dumb, he offered help – the Democrat mayor will have to eat it all up by zherself.

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