Corona Lies Along Joe Rogan, Tarl Warwick, Tim Pool

Three of my ere favorites of independent US-broadcasters have now, along the Corona Lies, sunken real low in my esteem: Joe Rogan, Tarl Warwick, and Tim Pool.

Never, as yet I know, have they called out what was really put up. By whom, what for: They are now just eating up the crumbs that fell off the table.

Probably I just overestimated them. They sure must have all the clues. But maybe they are too brainwashed themselves or somehow fixed in or just too craven to speak out.

Critizising and questioning this and that and ayond and still going on like petty bought out chickens.

I know not if they be that ignorant.

I doubt it.

To me they have hard lost track.

Or even worse.

One could then argue that they are just dumb and that I was bigtime dumb not to have seen it.

That I take on me.


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