„Wokeness is over!“

Tarl at his best. Go, go, fro, demented Biden! Yea!

Maybe Tarl will even listen and talk to me, just for the fun of taking on some forlorn fuckin‘ ol‘ European decadent dude.

Yea, Tarl, if You can make it down here to Franconia, in the Netherlands You already frequently are, it’s just like a drive from Vermont to fuckin‘ Pennsylvania.

And, as a sworn-in Vermonter, You’ll not be afraid of some petty German cold.

I’ve got some wood left to get our debating space above zero centigrades. I have coffee enough, let me gobble up the wine, this is a serious invitation.

Anyways, keep going!

Wokeness is though not yet over. But it seems to be dying. What a liberation to come! A big pile of rotten, fallen signposts tell me that. Be it right that You be right!

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