Carl Benjamin Compares PayPal With A Fascist State

In my laziness I had long planned to open a Paypal account since it would definitely practical to have one. But then the things Carl talks about came up, and I never did.

Other than with YouTube’s censorship practices, where the First Amendment could force them to either be a neutral platform or a publisher, with all the dire responsability that would follow, PayPal can indeed choose not to provide its services to anyone without any foreseeable legal consequences, be they not inspired by antitrust laws, considering its near monopolistic stand in that important market.

First they take You off their „platforms“ (which they are not, they ARE publishers), and if that is not enough for Your ruin, they will shut You down by financially disenfranchising You.

All because of their immaculate ethical company policy cause.

And they are ALL set against more or less the same groups and people. Guess whom.

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