Outworked, Outsmarted, Outthought

I am in my dirty white fifties and have never seen such a clownery. Abominate absurdities from Melbourne through Ottawa and LA, Manchester unto Paris and Stockholm and Berlin.

Luckily, I am an optimist and fair cynicist, mainly the so called „West“ is thus infested. We are about to shut down everything, first ourselves up, the planet will have no problem, as anyhow, Asians are going to secure the survival of mankind. They mean that. They will work hard at that. They won’t let go.

I am pretty pretty sure that they see us as possibly irreversible decadent nitwits and crackpots by now, coolly analysing our behaviour. Just that: What halfway sane adult person would accept some freaky sick Greta as his or her guiding star?

And those cranks in Silicon Valley still believe they can crapcrack the heads of Chinese and Japanese and Koreans as they seemingly so successfully are about it and on the white peoples.

Anyhow, Asians know that we are not completely ousted and dumbfounded yet. Thus, it is their custom, they sit and wait and take their advantages as they come and can be easily taken. The game is not over. They may even reckon with a real „western“ revival. Some may even hold this as a good possibility for all.

Anyway, if it goes on as it goes now, Asians will outwork, outsmart, in the end even outthink us.




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