„Joker“: I ain’t gonna watch that shit ere…

As far as I got it, from seen sequences as well as jubilant scribes and video mouthpieces on the outstanding new film „Joker“, this is some carefully designed and played absurd masterpiece about the last psycho crap falling apart in the face of America in its final decay.

It seems to take people by the throat to hate or greet it wholeheartedly. Story: Some crazy mummy-bedashed murderous crank gets to be the star of the revolting masses. And not only people in the movie like that very much. He is an extreme crackpot, the less credible, so much the better.

The perfect victim that has to victimize, what else, hero of the mob, beaten up himself first, then as righteously as madly and saintly wading in blood. The „Joker“.

I ain’t gonna watch that shit ere someone give me a thousand bucks, cash, beforehand, to do so.

Anyway, The Amazing Lucas has bravely bought himself the whole beast to his own eyes, on purpose, I deem, so I’m fairly passing on his go on it:

Update October 9

I got respectable company: Tarl ain’t gonna watch the fuckin‘ movie as well. He mocks the critics, left and right and center, sees a clown world at play in reality anyway.



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