California Lawmakers: Too Dumb to Piss A Hole into The Snow

Being located pretty far away from crazy California’s lawmakers, I dare say that when getting the gist of the broadcast one German saying jumped to my mind: „Zu dumm, um ein Loch in den Schnee zu brunzen“ – too dumb to piss a hole into the snow.

It is about how a new law will economically kill off many, if not most freelancing Californian writers and journalists, and is already at it, as January is nigh and companies have – what else could they do? – started to restructure.

Of course, the coming law that is already ruining many, was designed to provide for better, more protected jobs.

That Californian firms could just take in freelancers from the rest of the US (besides on the ground reporting they can do everything a Californian can), no idea of that simple solution, the law is throwing a hard working portion of its own citizens under the bus.

I’d really like to test my English swearing skills on these nitwitty perverted crackpot lawmakers.

Better get the rest from Tim.

If I were American, had the possibility, I’d get the hell out of that shitty state. Many writers will certainly do so. Baltimore may still house more rats than San Francisco, but Frisco is certainly catching up, having piles of money for every kind of shit except for cleaning up human manure on its streets.

As Tim points out, it is really astonishing that almost noone stood up more timely against this cruel folly.

Well, freelance Californian writers, get going. Write about it. You will have more and more time for doing that. Provided You are not into selling Your hut, taking Your family elsewhere, keeping Your laptop closed on what got You there, for fear of loosing all opportunities nationwide for calling this out, if signed with Your true name. Or fearing that Your true name could be hunted down, if You had an anonymous go.


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