A Kind Invitation

Earnest people now face a new challenge and task.

The mighty want weirdos on the streets, they want us to surrender or go nuts ourselves.

Or to just become cynical, even indifferent.

I am looking for the right equilibrium. I won’t give up my wrath on the people so gently called „pedophiles“, their minions and befoulers of all true love. But also I won’t be willing to become becancered by worrying too much about all that rabble that is portrayed as our climate saviours even unearnedly given.

Some German-speaking colleagues now seem to be falling into one trap: They let themselves get carried too far away, into a field where I deem they can yet not win. Besides with satanism, they are too far dragged into symbols. But hey, how are you planning to win on a chessboard when some of your pieces are not even allowed to move?

We must stand up to the new reality, as absurd as it is. We must develop new strategies. We must do this now.

We will not have an easy time on that. But we must start. The net has made this an unprecedented age. We must be nimble, cunning, better in wording. Alert, vigilant, all panic is for the rest.

Sorry for all those „musts“. They are already pulled.

It is just a kind invitation.





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