What The Google Replicants Are Worth

Having very carefully rationalized all this, I strongly advise that the US-Government step in and fight off the replicants that have occupied the catacombes below Google’s main quarters in Mountain View CA.

But that raises a few questions about conditions and circumstances: Taxpayer’s Money for a company that crearly wants to take down the sitting President in the coming elections, probably has more power in this than any other „private“ entity? Didn’t they create all the replicants, want all Americans to pay the bill now, with the best of their blood if need be, to clean them out of their cesspit of lies, fraud and overall manipulation?

Now why not help them out of the replicant crisis, for their vow now to respect the First Amendment, or become an ordinary publisher, which would mean instant death to the company?

Thus, I think all this can be solved quite calm and cool. Google gets demonstered, the replicants leave without one shot fired, they can choose to live in one of their own reservations or get help to start a new life with normal American jobs.

Human communication has  a lot of its fetters off, much social unrest is not there anymore, one very good deed is done.

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