Google Now Openly Sides with Rabble

YouTube‘s role model Carlos Maza – while the purge is rolling – said this against people of different thinking:

Milkshake them all. Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing.“

This is fine with Google. And that thug, making himself a victim of Steven Crowder because of some joke got the YouTube quacks to take down Crowder. (Probably they had planned to take him down anyway.)

And these vile petty hypocrites talk of taking down „harassment“ and „hate speech“.

They are seemingly not even realizing how much they embrace cowardish rabble. In the German section of this site I already reasoned that these silicon brained billionaires coult be on cocaine all the time. Then I withdrew that, and I switched to „Machtbesoffenheit“, which I would translate with heavily drunk by power.

Open encouraging of assault and humiliation they reward. Jokes they forbid. They are scum.

They do it openly. They do not even try to lie intelligently anymore. They think that noone can stop them in it.

They are so power-drunk that they think (if they are still able to do such a thing) that no serious backlash could ever come upon them because of their speech and deeds.

They now have crossed a final border in this, and they do apparantly not realize that.

They obviously believe that we all will just duck and cover. That they can go nuclear and we won‘t find no shelter nor be able to organize any real resistance.

But, maybe this is already over as I write this. I have seen quite a pack of YouTubers over the last days who do not cave in. The opposite: They go on all out attack. They know they are doomed, and they do not give a shit on being threatened anymore.

Such silicon loonies deem they are the masters of communication on this planet?

By the way, Google has taken down references to my name the recent days. This may be a coincidence, but I doubt it. They will of course lower the references even of such little German counterstrikers like me. I reckoned that they would do that. What might besides this one they have over me?

We shall see how this turns out in the end. It may be a long fight. I shall not give up.

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