Google Hit by The Greta Mode?

I may have been wrong in my recent posts on the Google quacks taking done even big content creators. Last night I talked with two – in my estimation – very straight thinkers. They think that these are in Greta Thunberg mode. They listened, they are in panic mode.

Well, this might indeed be the case. As Trump will most probably get reelected and patriotic parties in Europe thrive, they might fear to be counted as publishers instead of platforms, which they by now obviously are. That could be the end of their business, at least in its antinational biased form that we can behold every day. It could well be their worst nightmare to either be legally resonsible for everything that is published via their service or being coerced to act according to the First Amendment. As that would strip them of all the sweet fruit of censorship and manipulation.

My friends and I were all three of the opinion that this weird situation is not likely to drag on long (I said before that this may be a long fight, it may be), say five or ten years. That the matter would be solved in one or two.

Yea, it may be the Greta mode that has hit them.

Have some more on how stupidly they lie:

This might also help:

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