As I Say…

As I say that I do not have a vagina I must be a vagina denier.

As I say I do not want to change my sex I am a transphobe.

As I say it is not really possible to change sex at all, I am a dangerous, vile transphobe.

As I say that two men cannot make and bear children together I am a hater of gays.

As I say that I am not ashamed of the colour of my skin I am a white supremacist.

As I say I do not believe the climatiots I am a climate killer.

As I say I do not like many rules in Islam I am a racist.

As I say that I do eat meat I am a mean swine.

As I say that children should be taught according to their ability I am reckless monster.

As I say that men and women are different I am a hater.

As I say that I like the German language I am a Nazi.

As I say that people should have free speech I foment haters.

As I say I despise Hillary Clinton I am a fascist.

As I say that Germany is not a free country I am a petty liar and fascist.

As I say I am critical of vaccinations I am a murderer.

As I say I do not believe in the official story concerning 9/11 I am a perilous crackpot.

The list goes on and on.

Thus it is certain that I am an extremely bad person.

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