They gonna burn Google to dust?

Once they „burn down“ Google‘s and the other Five Eyes‘ main buildings to powder with all trees and shrubs around and on their compounds laughingly right about it I shall take things in California really seriously.

But probably that will not happen.

Whoever pulverizes homes over there, I deem they could long have done that.

The more or less direct repercussions by the destabilisation of the state by the „fires“ for the Cartel aside, where are their all-knowing pundits to explain us what goes on?

They just goin‘ home in the eve an‘ hopin‘ their homes are not debris already?

An‘ the Hollywood-Celebrity-Quacks, they ain‘t got anythin‘ on this whole shit?

I, that‘s for sure, wouldn‘t forget comin‘ home to my Malibu house, it all gone, just for huggin‘ the all sane shrubs and trees around it.

Maybe all will be soon forgot, just some crackpots like me still wonderin‘.

I doubt that though.

My feelin‘ tells me they are not done with California just yet.

Or maybe they are.

For now, at least.

Just showin‘ and havin‘ pulled off a goodly clean seen warnin‘.

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