Yes, this is the arena for English texts to come in („Englisch“, as on the button and the headline, was a kowtow to my fellow Germans, I beg Your pardon for that), be they mine or translations or my translations or the fruit of others who may like to have a hand here. In certain cases I might provide the service to publish the English original together with a translation into German, done by myself.

As before, in my old blog „Neues aus Hammelburg“, I shall reread every text before publishing, and I may take out mistakes, if the author so wishes, for free. Should there be more work necessary, be ready to pay some money for that.

Why publish English texts here?

Well, this is not only a very special outlet but also a spot where You can say things first, clad in the finest introduction by MWG, on Germany’s brainwise fertilest soils.

Well, it may be that I ought to cut the hay right first, thus showing off more luring fodder.

It’s about time I did something for the English language again.


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